The Future of Water in North Carolina

The Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions is hosting what sounds like a great conference on the 'Future of Water in North Carolina' on March 1st.

From their website:

North Carolina is experiencing rapid growth—in population, water use, and land use change. Signs of stress, such as hotspots of water quality degradation, failing sewer and water systems, and recent droughts, illustrate the challenge of maintaining clean and abundant water for healthy growth and ecosystems. Already many in our state are tackling these challenges, but the question remains whether our water resources will withstand the pressures of today’s type of growth.

Yet there are opportunities to incorporate the protection of water resources into plans for North Carolina’s growth. This one-day conference, sponsored by the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, aims to provide a forum for stakeholders to discuss creative ideas and practical solutions to our state’s water resource challenges. It will convene state and national experts to consider the feasibility and potential of new efforts to ensure clean water for generations to come.

The keynote speaker will be former Arizona Governor and Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt. For more information click here.

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