Kudos to Moeser and Pfeiffer

I found out this weekend from UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor James Moeser's monthly column in the Chapel Hill Herald that he has signed onto the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment.

Chancellor Moeser described the program as such:

This month, I signed the American CollegeUniversity Presidents Climate Commitment, pledging to develop a comprehensive plan to achieve climate neutrality as soon as possible. Climate neutrality means reducing campus greenhouse gas emissions to the maximum extent possible, and then offsetting the remaining unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions elsewhere. Offset options include investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy systems or even rapidly growing tropical forests. Thanks to excellent efforts by staff, faculty and students, we are well on our way to achieving climate neutrality.

I was pleasantly surprised when I went to the website of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education to find that of the 53 schools nationwide that have signed the agreement, two are from North Carolina. Warren Wilson President William Pfeiffer has also signed on.

Thank you to Moeser and Pfeiffer for their leadership- hopefully they will set a standard for college leaders across the state to get on board.

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