Pisgah Conference Media Coverage

When I was a little kid my extended family used to have a house at Cedar Mountain in Transylvania County. Whenever we could come to visit, the Transylvania Times would have a little item in the paper announcing that Tom and Alec Jensen of Ann Arbor, Michigan, grandchildren of James Woodside, are here visiting for the week.

You have to love that ultra local, personal coverage that is too rare in the media today.

I didn't give the Transylvania Times much of a thought since those early days until this week, when it had an outstanding package on the Pisgah Energy Conference held at Brevard College.

The coverage that made it onto their website is not exhaustive compared to what was in the print version, but you can check it out here.

I've also been remiss in not giving a big commendation to Senator John Snow, who came and spent the entire day at the conference. Many politicians would come, make an appearance, and leave after thirty minutes. We are very appreciative of Senator Snow's commitment- he has certainly shown himself to be worthy of our endorsement!

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