Small Cities can be "Cool" too!

Have you heard the BIG news?

Highlands, a town where just the name, conjures up images of vast mountain ranges and pristine forests has taken a step that further legitimizes that image...they are the smallest municipality in NC and, in fact, the entire Southeast to be named a "Cool City".

Tom took his newly donned wheels and rusty driving skills (see posting from 1/23) on the road to one of the most western reaches of our state, to present Mayor Don Mullen with a "Cool Cities" certificate.

This important discovery-- that Highlands is being "Cool"-- may have not been brought to light had it not been for Sierra Club member in Highlands, Breta Stroud.

Thanks, Breta!

You can read about Highlands becoming a "Cool City" in today's issue of Highlands' Newspaper.
The Cool Cities story is on pg. 11, but I was impressed by the fact that there were several other articles with environmental content such as an opinion article on Global Warming and one on Greenway Funding.

Congratulations Highlands! Keep up the good work!

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