Driving in Winter Weather

When the weather is nasty, like it was across the state last Thursday, most folks don't want to drive their cars.

But life goes on even if it is gross outside.

So if you have somewhere to go and you don't want to drive the next time the weather is bad, I highly suggest using it as an excuse to take public transit.

Our chapter Lobbyist Christa Wagner and I both take Triangle Transit Authority (TTA) buses from Durham and Chapel Hill respectively to the office in Raleigh every day. It's extremely convenient, saves money, and allows us to do something productive during the morning commute.

TTA is just one of many outstanding public transportation outlets across the state.

I know a lot of the time it's hard to sustain the energy to use public transit, but the next time you don't want to risk your personal vehicle because of bad roads, use it as an excuse to take the bus. Maybe you'll get hooked!

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  1. It is amazing that people find the benefits of public transit right away. As a rider myself, (when I do not have a client meeting to drive to) it is a benefit to have the "found" time to do other things (planning the schedule for the day, reading the newspaper, or catching a few z's on the way to and from the office) than to fight traffic.

    I met someone at a birthday party and it turns out we both work in Durham (and live in Raleigh). He was sharing with me that he was tired of the long commute and thought about changing his job working at Duke University Medical Center.

    I mentioned to him about TTA and the Raleigh-Durham Express service. First, he did not know of such service existed and was afraid of trying it out (the uncertainty of trying something new). However I told him the next time I ride the TTA he can come along. I became a "transit buddy" for the day he rode with me.

    Needless to say when he rode for the first time, he liked the service and was amazed that there is not an effort to promote the service more. He has been riding the bus ever since. However I am jealous to say that he is more of a regular rider than I am. :-(

    This really shows that if there was a choice or option for people, they will give it a try if the service is going where they need to go. It is unfortunate that the funding for "public" transportation is small compared to what it is for road funding. We need to take advantage of the "public" in transit. That it is a mode for "all" to use and not just the "car" less to depend upon.

    I commend the TTA for their efforts to provide and improve a public benefit to the people in the Triangle region, and we need to invest more in this "public" infrastructure.