Play the TTA Transit Design Game

Do you use public transportation very often? If not, what would you encourage you to use it more? Wireless internet? More comfortable buses?

The Triangle Transit Authority is asking those questions in a creative web survey currently available on its website. Folks are given twenty `pennies' to spend on a variety of possible upgrades to buses as the agency makes replacements in its fleet.

Some of the items are pretty cheap. One penny upgrades include things like expanding the front of bus rack to accommodate three bikes rather than the current two or to install ten bike lockers per year at various stops around the Triangle.

Others are so expensive they will use up almost your entire `budget.' For instance putting a rear window on the back of the bus would cost 16 pennies and implementing Sunday service would require all of your money.

You can even express your support to fill the buses with B20 biodiesel.

Whether you're a public transportation user or not go and play the Transit Design Game, which will be available through Friday, March 9th. It's a great opportunity to have some fun while also giving important information to the folks who buy our buses.

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