Hillsborough becomes North Carolina's newest Cool City!

I just got back from the Hillsborough Town Barn, where the Hillsborough Town Board tonight unanimously approved signing onto the US Mayor's Climate Protection Agreement.

After Mayor Tom Stevens presented the resolution and explained why he thought the Board should pass it, Commissioner Mike Gering asked the town manager how to ensure Hillsborough would follow through on its pledge and make it more than just an empty promise.

Town Manager Eric Peterson gave a thoughtful and detailed answer about how when items within the town budget need to be replaced, the community always looks to find the most environmentally advanced technologies to replace them.

His response encapsulated the message we try to get across to communities across the state when asking them to be Cool Cities. Signing on does not mean going out and doing all 12 things listed in the agreement the next day, but rather commits a community to doing things that help to stop the advancement of global warming when opportunities arise and as is appropriate for that particular place. There is no one size fits all plan, and that's why Cool Cities is such a great, intensely local program.

Hillsborough is the eighth community in North Carolina to sign on and completes the Orange County trio, along with Chapel Hill and Carrboro which previously signed. It also epitomizes our goal of getting smaller communities involved in this fight.

Hillsborough has both a truly visionary Town Board and staff. Thank you to them!

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