Making the best of that extra hour

Since the clock changed three weeks ago, the News&Observer has been soliciting suggestions from folks about what to do with their extra hour.

They printed my (environmentally oriented) suggestion today. Check it out.

On the totally non environmentally oriented front, my beloved UNC women's basketball team plays Tennessee in the Final Four Sunday night. Tar Heel fans, this team deserves your support. You can read a couple columns I've written about the team here and here.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Here is something to do with an extra hour. Go see this film at the Full Frame film festival in Durham:

    Everything's Cool
    3:30 PM - Friday, April 13th (following "Alice Sees the Light")
    It has been said that every complex problem has simple, easy-to-
    explain wrong answers. There has been a great divide between
    scientific findings and political will in the roughly 20 years that
    the public has been aware of global warming. What are we to do? Is the
    problem about editing scientific research for political expediency and
    commercial gain? The people who make snow for the ski slopes in Park
    City, Utah know that their diesel engines burn lots of fuel to make
    snow, but what can they do about it? Hollywood's The Day After
    Tomorrow brought public attention to the issue, but was it a greater
    disservice by making it too damn dramatic and sexy? The inspiring work
    and dedication of several key players is considered, including
    pioneering journalist Ross Gelbspan, White House whistleblower Rick
    Piltz and writer/activist Bill McKibben. 2007. USA. 95 min. Directed
    by Daniel B. Gold, Judith Helfand. Produced by Daniel B. Gold, Judith
    Helfand, Chris Pilaro, Adam Wolfensohn.



    Joseph Puentes
    http://H2Opodcast.com (Environment Podcast)
    http://H2Opodcast.blogspot.com/ (Blog for above)
    http://NuestraFamiliaUnida.com (Latin American History Podcast)