A less positive reaction to Cool Cities

We've had pretty good luck and positive reception from elected officials everywhere in North Carolina we have brought Cool Cities to so far, but that's not the case in all places around the country.

I thought this article from Traverse City, Michigan was a bit of a trip if also somewhat terrifying.

Here's my favorite excerpt:

"I believe the Sierra Club, along with Al Gore, President Carter and the United Nations are socialistic organizations that are trying to change the government of this country, and I am opposed to everything they support or try to (foist) on us to do,” Underwood said at a March 14 public meeting. "I cannot support this unproven theory of global warming.”

The commissioners shared their thoughts at a recent meeting of the county's physical resources committee, when they were asked to endorse a U.S. Conference of Mayors agreement that calls for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 7 percent below 1990 levels by 2012.

Thomas said he isn't sure there's such a thing as global warming, but if there is, no one's proven humans are at the root of the problem.

"I think it would be happening if there were no people on Earth,” Thomas said.

"They have recently discovered that the polar ice caps on Mars are shrinking,” Thomas continued. "So what would cause that on both the Earth and Mars, that would be the sun, so we should e-mail the sun and tell it to cool down a little bit.”

If anyone has an e-mail address for the sun let me know!

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