Listen to podcasts of OCG meetings!

Joseph Puentes has been providing a great service at the recent program meetings of the Orange/Chatham Group of the Sierra Club by producing podcasts.

Last night's speaker was former national President Robbie Cox. Listen to what he had to say here.

Thank you, Joseph, for your good work! It would be great to see folks in other groups across the state begin to take this step of archiving their meetings to increase the number of people who are able to access and enjoy them.

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  1. Thanks, but the purpose is to get the message out in as many formats as possible. Written is great but if you add Audio well I think that is better.

    I would like to offer up a challenge. I dare you to record your Environmental Messages and send them my way. See if I don't edit them (usually the volume needs to be raised to an acceptable level), tag them and upload them to Archive.org (free hosting site). Once there I'll turn around and send you the URL to the audio location so you can use it on your local chapter website. At the same time I'll create a section of the http://H2Opodcast.com site devoted to any audio you create and point my page back to your page. I certainly hope this is a challenge you don't neglect. Please let's start taking these great messages about the Environment and archiving them so others that have missed them can hear. Also use them as a source of outreach. For example take the 40+ minutes of Robbie Cox's main message and burn it onto a few CD's. Take the CD's to work and give one or two to friends along with an invitation to attend your next Sierra Club meeting. No pressure along with a GREAT message that is hard to ignor.

    Think about it and contact me so we can arrange for you to work with me in archiving and making available some of your audio presentations.

    Joseph Puentes