Live from Greensboro

What a day!

I worked from home because I had to head over to Greensboro for a meeting with the Cool Cities team of the Piedmont Plateau Group this evening, but my ability to get much done was stymied when hours of 50 mph winds finally knocked the power out in my apartment around 1o AM. It was still out when I headed to the Triad a little before 4.

So I ate all my leftover pizza before it got nasty but my milk and orange juice are probably going to go. And that accounts for everything in my refrigerator, which probably tells you more about me than you ever wanted to know.

Anyway, I'm writing from the Kathleen Clay Edwards library in Greensboro, which sort of serves as their Environmental Library. It's a lovely facility.

Here's some info about its environmental nature, taken from the website:

Teague, Freyaldenhoven and Freyaldenhoven (TFF) Architects ensured that the construction of the library was environmentallly conscious and minimized impact on the park. A large red oak that was removed as part of the construction was used in furniture items, and the items were auctioned to help provide additional funds for the library.

In addition, the library features some green building features: natural cork flooring, carpet tiles made of recycled materials, and ply-bent wood chairs which use the most sustainable process of furniture making.

The grand opening of the library in September 2004 initiated the environmental focus of the branch. The event included a poetry reading by renowned environmentalist and theologian Thomas Berry and included a hands-on environmental "Discovery Day" sponsored by the T. Gilbert Pearson Audubon Society in collaboration with the City's Parks and Recreation Department and the Piedmont Land Conservancy.

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