Great things at Guilford!

Many of you may know Kim Yarbray best as a long time leader in the Piedmont Plateau Group.

She also does a great job leading the sustainability program at Guilford College, which got some well deserved positive media coverage in the Yes Weekly recently!

Here's an excerpt from the article:

At Guilford College, the quest for sustainability starts in the bathroom.

Several old urinals have been replaced with waterless versions. Dispensers issue paper towels and toilet paper made out of 100 and 70 percent recycled material, respectively. Noxious cleaning supplies have been replaced with ecologically sensitive disinfectants.

And on April 25 the college's Sustainability Council unveiled 12 solar panels recently installed on the roof of Shore Hall that will supply hot water to its 60 female residents. So far, Environmental Sustainability Coordinator Kim Yarbray said, there have been no complaints about the hot water supplied by the new system.

Check out the whole story here. Great work Kim!

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