I need to get a life...

Last night I went and presented the Chapel Hill Town Council with the recommendations of the Planning Board about a new town tree ordinance.

Then I went home and watched the Charlotte City Council meeting online, where they were discussing the possibility of joining Cool Cities.

They deferred action until a later date.

I have many times gone to a baseball game and then come back and watched some more on tv, but this was a first for going to a Council meeting and then coming back and watching another one on tv!

And honestly one I could probably live without repeating!

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  1. Yes Charlotte Council was rather boring for the first 3 hours. Ah, but I think we did do okay when we got up to bat. We, being former Central Piedmont Group Chair, Chris Buchannan and myself. We had two well-liked, local luminaries there. Lisa Renstrom had encouraged former County Commission Chair,Tom Cox (R) to show in support of our efforts. We also had 80-something, beautiful soul, Liz Hair who was the first woman elected to the County Commission on hand. But as the hours dragged on both had to finally head for home before they reached our time on the agenda.

    It's funny how Mayor McCrory is always saying that the US Mayors Agreement (and it's lack of nuke mention) is just some "left-wing fringe" thing. My favorite moment of the meeting was pointing out to him that people like Tom Cox, Liz Hair and Chris Buchanan of the legally large firm, downtown of Moore VanAllen, "were not some left-wing fringe operation." Instead they are Charlotte people who want action on green house gas emissions. As attendee Katie Oates said before she left, what this is about is Stewardship of the Earth.
    Amen, Katie.