Big happenings at the US Conference of Mayors

The US Conference of Mayors, writers of the document the Cool Cities program is based on, met in Los Angeles over the weekend.

A few key things that came out of the meeting:

-They endorsed the EPA's energy star challenge as one of the outlets communities can use to help reach their Cool Cities goals. This is a national campaign to improve energy efficiency by 10 percent or more in commercial and industrial buildings across the United States. You can read more about it here.

-Mayor Greg Nickels of Seattle, the visionary behind the USMCPA, will be the head of the Conference in 2009. This can only mean an even more green focus for an organization already doing a lot of impressive work.

-Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently gave quite a rousing speech, commending the assembled Mayors for their environmental commitment.

-There was an update on the progress cities across the country are making toward their goals.

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  1. Glad you covered this conference, Tom. It will be helpful to track the progress of the Cool Cities, and have this info for further talking points with our Mayor.