Interesting event tomorrow at Duke

via Bill Holman:

The Institute for Emerging Issues based at NC State is developing an "energy calculator" to illustrate the NC trade offs between energy expenditures, energy choices, and environmental impacts to assist public and private policymakers on energy and environmental policies.

Staff from IEI will demonstrate the calculator, answer questions, seek comments, and ask for recommendations on how to improve it starting at 10 am on Friday, June 15 in A158 LSRC.

The calculator compares scenarios against baseline energy use and environmental costs in NC and separately considers energy supply for industrial, commercial, residential and transportation sectors. The calculator attempts to model system shocks from rapid population growth, energy supply choices from reliance on fossil fuels to renewable energy portfolio standards, regulatory choices, environmental damage, and other scenarios.

IEI sponsors the annual Emerging Issues forum hosted by former Governor Jim Hunt each February. The 2008 Emerging Issues forum will focus on energy, climate and the environment. The "final" energy calculator will be presented at the forum.

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  1. That's a relief. When I read "interesting event" at Duke, I thought the dementos were going to go banging pots again.