Raleigh dumping normal light bulbs

Marvin Woll has been the driving force in trying to get Raleigh to become a Cool City.

Tuesday night he took a petition to the City Council and asked it to start using CFL's instead of incandescent light bulbs.

Turns out the city has already frozen the purchase orders of standard light bulbs and will be purchasing CFL's for subsequent replacements.

Another example of good leadership by Raleigh that hopefully will soon be put into an overall set of goals and vision by signing the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement and becoming a Cool City.

Thanks to Marvin for his hard work and vigilance.


  1. That's great news!

    What is the hold up on Raleigh not becoming a 'Cool City'?

  2. The City Council referred the Cool Cities issue to its Environmental Advisory Board for a recommendation over a year ago. The recommendation still has not come! We think it's time for the City Council to make a decision if the board won't but that hasn't happened yet.