Congratulations Chuck McGrady!

Our friend, Chuck McGrady, former national Sierra Club President, current Henderson County Commissioner and all around good guy, is the new co-chair of the Envrionmental Steering Committee for the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners.

An excerpt from today's Hendersonville Times-News story on the subject:

McGrady said he wants to use the chairmanship to keep environmental policy away from state and federal governments.

"I think so many of the environmental issues we have need to be dealt with at the local level," McGrady said.

He cited Henderson County's recent adoption of rules on soil and sedimentation as an example. The state was not doing enough to regulate runoff, so the county took control.

"In that case, Henderson County came forward and adopted an ordinance," McGrady said.

McGrady calls himself a conservative, but does not back down on environmental issues. He said he will continue to be a strong advocate for progressive environmental policy as chair of the committee.

"I came to the table with no apologizes as an environmental leader,"McGrady said.

The Legislature made progress on environmental issues last session, McGrady said, and he wants to continue to push it forward. The Legislature passed a solid waste bill and increased incentives for renewable energy.

"The counties need to make themselves heard with the Legislature," McGrady said.

You can read the full story in the Times-News here.

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