An easier way to use Renewable Energy

Guest Post by Les Tayrose, Capital Group member:

Last spring, I came across a company that has a goal of making renewable energy cost competitive with today’s electricity rates. The CitizenrÄ“ REnU program is the first to give residential customers the chance to use green energy in their home without the usual dilemma. A photovoltaic (“PV”) array, inverters, and an exchange point (“XP”) are prepackaged to deliver energy to the customer or the utility from power generated at the home.

I believe in Citizenre because it offers a way for any interested homeowner to do more than worry. Today, I have the opportunity to take action by promoting a wonderful product that will make a significant change to the United States' emissions. Citizenre's REnU product will allow homeowners to upgrade their home, at no more than they are already paying for electricity, from coal-based electricity to the cleanest form: solar!

Usually, a PV system for a home costs a small fortune, and that has been a barrier for many, including me. The rental program replaces the purchase cost with the equivalent of an electric bill. Now, for the first time, users of the PV system will actually save money as electric rates continue to climb. The new program takes care of all the usual headaches: it provides hassle free installation, operation, and maintenance.

This program allows every homeowner to become a renewable energy pioneer!
By helping people put panels on their roofs, I help preserve the current climate that we enjoy today. With our goal of 25% of electricity generation by 2025, we will prevent almost 1 billion tons of CO2 (or 11% of all of the U.S. carbon pollution) in 2025, alone and 3.4 billion tons from 2008 - 2025!

Les Tayrose


  1. But Les, there is no guarantee that CitizenRe will ever install a single pv array. They are a long way from manufacturing & production.

    In the meantime, 20k customers are waiting to install solar. Surely some of those customers would have chosen to install instead of waiting.

    I worry that CitizenRe will stall out growth of solar at the residential level.

  2. If people had $20k-40k to pay out for solar, now, they would have done so already. In 30 years, there have been about 26,000 grid-tied installations, so it's impossible to stall something that has never started. Citizenre has already affected the way at least one established solar company is doing business by providing rentals, so therefore has encouraged more people to go solar than before.

  3. I didn't mean to post as anonymous--the previous post was me--Les