Gaston Gazette on Gastonia Cool Cities

There's a nice story in the Gaston Gazette today about Gastonia becoming a Cool City.

Mayor Jennie Stultz is a winner:

Stultz said the city would be looking for ways to conserve energy and cut air pollution. Gastonia already has a track record of promoting environmental protection, she said.

“We were cool before being cool was cool,” Stultz said. “I’ve been an environmental advocate for more than 20 years. So, I wasn’t a hard sell.

“But this isn’t just about pounding our chests and saying, ‘Look what we’ve done.’ We’re also asking, ‘What else can we do?’” she said.

The city already has a no-idling policy, which requires staff to turn vehicles off when they park, even if they are only making a quick service call, Stultz said. New initiatives to lower emissions might include use of vehicles that run on hybrid gas-electric power or alternative fuels, Stultz said.

We hope to see everyone out at City Hall at 11 AM on the 13th.

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