Legislators vote "yes" on climate change policy!

Okay, my faith in state legislatures is restored. The National Conference of State Legisators just voted to adopt an amendment to a policy on climate change, reversing an action earlier in the week.

The small group of states, lead by Georgia, that has blocked action for two years on this issue were shown to be a very small minority indeed. The vote to support the climate change amendment passed 40-8.

I am proud to say that the North Carolina legislators in attendance voted "yes". I could't see everyone, but Reps. Martha Alexander, Lucy Allen and Phil Haire were among them.

The amendment was offered by Rep. Dennis Ozment (Minnesota) and seconded by Jim O'Rourke (Conn.).

The states who voted for no NCSL action on climate change were Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

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  1. could you please correct your comment to state that Idaho, not Iowa, was one of the 8 baddies?

    E&ENews PM says it was Idaho, not Iowa, and that seems to be much more consistent with the current legislative climate in Iowa.

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