Taking the Cool Cities message to conservative talk radio

Tuesday I had one of my more interesting experiences in this job when I spent an hour taking live calls about global warming on conservative talk radio.

It was on the Bill LuMaye show on WPTF 680 AM. This show is on the schedule in between Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

The show was being guest hosted Tuesday by Bob Langford who is actually a pretty moderate guy.

The folks who called in, however, were not!

I took about a dozen calls, all from men. Certainly giving validity to this previous post about how women believe in global warming and men don't.

I think my favorite question came from the guy who thought the RPS bill that just passed would 'destroy the American way of life.' I told him that last I checked the General Assembly did not seem to me to be filled with a bunch of liberals who would recklessly 'destroy the American way of life' and that the bill had been painstakingly vetted but he replied that actually the GA was full of crazy liberals...

All about perspective I guess...

I also had a bunch of people call and tell me about how this or that scientist didn't believe in global warming and that meant it was hooey. Finally I just said that 'if a couple scientists who got their PhD's from the University of Doug don't believe in global warming that's not much of a counter balance to the 98% of scientists who do.'

Anyway it must have gone well enough because I was asked to come on WPTF sometime again in the near future. It's the highest rated AM radio station in the Triangle so even if it was a pretty unusual outlet for spreading the word about Cool Cities an hour on live afternoon drive radio is a pretty good deal.

We'll just keep spreading the message wherever we can!


  1. This is terrific Tom! It is the listeners of AM conservative talk radio that must be our target audience.

  2. That is great to hear Tom. Would be great to hear a rebroadcast of the show. Time to preach to the "unbelievers." The chior knows nore than enough to start singing! Great job!