The Cool Cities Cake is out of date

Because Concord Mayor Scott Padgett called me last night to let me know they'll be the 24th Cool City in North Carolina.

Other odds and ends:

-I was lucky last night to have an opportunity to make some brief comments at an advance screening of Leonardo DiCaprio's 'Eleventh Hour' sponsored by the Capital Group. When I announced that Raleigh had been honored that morning as a Cool City it led to a rumbling applause from the 150+ folks in attendance. Congratulations again to Raleigh!

-Speaking of which, here is a fuller story in today's paper about Raleigh becoming a Cool City. Thank you to Wade Rawlins for writing it.

-I spent the ExCom last weekend with my grandmother in Greenville, SC. She has been the secret weapon in our Cool Cities success in Western North Carolina because she's put me up now a total of 16 nights this year when I was doing work in WNC- I could not spend nearly that much time out there without her. Thanks grandmother!

But I mostly wanted to say that she needed me to replace a light bulb for her this weekend and I was pleasantly surprised when she came out with a CFL. Go grandmother!

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