Going Green in Rocky Mount

I had the pleasure last night of joining the Medoc Group for dinner in Rocky Mount. We're looking forward to getting a Cool Cities campaign going there and upping our presence in the east.

One of the folks brought an article that had appeared in the day's Rocky Mount Telegram about the Nash-Rocky Mount Public School System becoming the first district in the state to receive the Energy Star designation for energy efficiency in its buildings.

It's good to see them taking this stuff serious in the schools and hopefully it bodes well for the possibility of Rocky Mount becoming a Cool City!

You can see the district's press release here.

1 comment:

  1. Rocky Mount Public Utilites will not allow renewable generators on the power grid.

    The city will not allow its residents and customers served outside the city limits to go green.

    Good luck attracting any new business or anyone that would want to work and or live in that place .