Greensboro Cool Cities Event

Greensboro City Manager Mitchell Johnson and Mayor Keith Holliday check out the solar power source of the 'Cool Cities' event.

Yesterday the Piedmont Plateau Group added a new twist as it celebrated Greensboro becoming a Cool City. The sound system for the event was powered by the sun! The celebration of Greensboro joining the program seemed like as good a time as any to start implementing those Cool Cities principles, and PPG rose to the occasion!

It was a great event to cap off the well done Greensboro Cool Cities campaign. About 50 people were present including Representative Pricey Harrison and Council members Florence Gatten, Yvonne Johnson, and Goldie Wells in addition to the Mayor and City Manager. Congratulations to the Cool Cities team, pictured below with city officials, for a job well done!

Thanks to Margot Robinson and Molly Diggins for their help with pictures!

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