Greensboro Cool Cities in the Media

It took a little while but the Greensboro media has written a couple good stories about its becoming a Cool City.

The first was in last week's Yes! Weekly. In that story Kim Yarbray did a great job outlining how the Cool Cities effort has really strengthened the environmental community in Greensboro:

For Yarbray, the process leading up to council's approval of the measure was about much more than emissions reduction.

"It really felt great to have the citizens, city council and city manager come to one place," she said. "We hope that the relationships that got formed during this process will continue to strengthen over the course of the project."

You can read the full story here.

Then there was a well done Cool Cities story on the front page of today's News&Record. I need to give some nice words to Taft Wireback who has written two of the most thorough Cool Cities stories that have been written all year and did so again with this one. You can read that story here.

Our thanks to the many media outlets that have done such a nice job of covering the Cool Cities program this year.

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