Raleigh Cool Cities Event Wrap Up

Mayor Meeker talks about how becoming a Cool City will result in a major change in the way the city does business.

We had a great Cool Cities event in Raleigh today with about 30 people present to celebrate the city's commitment to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. Raleigh is the biggest Cool City in North Carolina.

Mayor Meeker's comments were great to hear. He emphasized that this was the beginning and not the end of Raleigh's commitment to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, and made it clear that the city would be willing to spend the money needed to reach its goals.

At the same time he emphasized that taking steps to reduce energy use save money too and that many of the initiatives Raleigh might look at will be good for the bottom line too.

He particularly stressed the importance of the city keeping up with the newest green technologies available.

Great comments were also made by Council Members Russ Stephenson and Thomas Crowder, as well as Environmental Advisory Board Chairman Denny Murphy and citizen activist Marvin Woll who worked persistently to ensure that Raleigh adopted this initiative.

Sharon Hazouri and Tim Reed did an outstanding job representing the Capital Group and made it clear that the local group will do whatever it could to help the city reach its goals.

Here is an N&O story about the event. Congratulations to Raleigh and the Capital Group!

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