Sierra Magazine names Cool Colleges

The most recent Sierra Magazine names the ten 'coolest' colleges in America, and two of the top five are from North Carolina!

Coming in at # 3 is Warren Wilson College, which the magazine states:

This small Southeast star wears its environmental ethos on its sleeve and backs it up with a sustainably managed farm, garden, and forest that provide food and lumber for ths campus; streetlamps that reduce light pollution; and community service as an integral part of the curriculum.

Also on the list # 5 is Duke. The magazine's take:

The Blue Devils are turning green, mandating certification by the U.S. Green Building Council for all new construction, improving on-campus bike trails, collecting 17 types of recyclables, and pouring money into wind and small hydropower projects.

Additionally Appalachian State received an honorable mention for an on campus biodiesel fuel filling station.

Obviously the list is highly subjective but I do think UNC-Chapel Hill should have made it, even if I am slightly biased. More on that tomorrow...

Nonetheless congratulations to Warren Wilson, Duke, and App! It's great to see North Carolina colleges leading the way.

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