Vote Today: Asheville, Wilmington, Greensboro, Charlotte, Hillsborough, Carrboro, and Chapel Hill Sierra Club endorsements

In Chapel Hill: Kevin Foy for Mayor, Sally Greene, Cam Hill, Bill Strom, and Jim Ward for Town Council.

In Carrboro: Mark Chilton for Mayor, Joal Broun, Dan Coleman, and Lydia Lavelle for Alderman.

In Hillsborough: Eric Hallman, Evelyn Lloyd, and Bryant Warren Jr. for Commissioner.

In Wilmington: Pat Delair for City Council

in Greensboro: Yvonne Johnson for Mayor, Sandy Carmany for City Council.

In Asheville: Brownie Newman, Bryan Freeborn, and Elaine Lite for City Council.

In Charlotte: Susan Burgess, Jack Flynn, and Anthony Foxx for City Council.

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