A Couple of Great Op-Eds

I direct your attention to a couple of recent op-eds in the Asheville Citizen Times:

Richard Fireman writes about Cliffside and our self-deception in regards to NC air quality:

CEO Jim Rogers’ PR machine manages to get national and international attention by talking green, but when the rubber meets the road we get a new Cliffside power plant that will add 6 million new tons of CO2 to our atmosphere every year. This is the equivalent of 1.5 million new cars...Who owns the air — the atmosphere? Is it Duke Energy? They will claim it if we allow them. To learn more about how you can help, log on to www.stopcliffside.org.

Bill Thomas writes about the Horsepasture River:

I confess that for me personally, it is the majesty and grandeur of the Horsepasture and its surroundings that move my soul and lead me to call for protection and preservation. The time to save something is while you still have it! I and Sierra Club feel strongly that the future welfare of our county depends heavily on protection of our natural assets.


  1. I love the Horsepasture River as I have a home on the river. I'm amazed that there hasn't been much addressed with regard to the quarry owned by Bill McNeely on 281 S and the asphalt plant in there as well. It is visible from the highway the magnitude to which this area has been mined, not to mention the drastic proximity of the asphalt plant to the river. Has anyone mentioned any of this or is there any work being done to address this threat to the overall environment not to mention Gorges State Park and the Horsepasture River?

  2. I have just come across this blog and this posting. I am interested to know about the asphalt plant on the Horsepasture River. It is incredibly fascinating to me that there is no mention of this plant on Rhodes Brothers website and that nothing seems to ever be said or done about how close it is to residential communities not to mention the Horsepasture River. Is it because of McNeely's "good old boy" political pull? Someone help me understand why more isn't being said or done about this? Or please help me find information that reflects some effort to call attention to this. I am just amazed. When it's running, you can hear and smell it!