Eco Design, and also the Governator

Check out this gorgeous slide show from the Guardian. One of the fastest growing green fields will soon be eco-friendly home design, and from this you can see how sustainable, efficient houses can actually look nice, too.

On a Governator note: Arnold asked US carmakers to ramp up fuel efficiency.

"Today, I made it clear to the automakers that California will not back down in the fight to protect our own environment by regulating pollution that causes global warming. We will continue to press the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to grant our request for a waiver, and we will use legal remedies if they fail to do so."

Schwarzenegger said hiding behind the federal government's proposed emission standards will not work, and it will not effectively reduce the pollution that causes global warming.

California, along with 13 other states, has proposed stricter limits on gas emissions for cars, but President George W. Bush's administration maintains that only the federal government has the right to set gas emission standards.

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