NC Public Greenways

Hat tip to NC Policy Watch for dissecting the latest right-wing attack against public lands.

First, read the (so-called) analysis of a questionairre disseminated by the John Locke Foundation, a "think tank" in Raleigh. The analysis deems a proposed public greenway adjacent to the Neuse River a terrible burden to homeowners, a threat to public property, and a development that will assuredly see an increase in crime and other such dissatisfying aftereffects once built.

As NC Policy Watch points out, some of the questions were clearly designed to invoke fear and disapproval amongst homeowners. What it boils down to is a case of anti-green incitement that asks no helpful, constructive questions about the idea of a public greenway on the Neuse.

Now there is an anti-anti-greenway movement springing up in the neighborhood.

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