Energy-Climate Debate

Recently, an emissions bill before Congress died a legistative death. While said bill may not have had the emissions targets many wanted, it was important for obvious reasons. Whether or not it was effective is now moot.

You can watch the US Senate Debate on DotEarth.

Other countries are playing hardball. Japan recently announced its plans to slash 80% of all carbon emissions by 2050, vowing to usher in a "low-carbon revolution." Read about it here (AP), here (BBC), here (Reuters UK), and read of its far-reaching economic and environmental implications here (The Australian).

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  1. As Lisa Cox noted, the Australian article promotes nuclear as the main energy alternative, whereas the Sierra Club does not promote nuclear as a sustainable alternative to coal power.

    I only included the article for its estimated dollar value of a worldwide slash in carbon emissions, though I'd be interested in estimates from other organizations (the article cites the International Energy Association)and other energy sources.