NC Short Session: Environment Looking Good

This past week at the Capitol was a real nailbiter, with many important environmental bills still unresolved on the final day of the NCGA's biennium. A quick look at the environmental outcomes of the concluded short session:

Bills Passed

  • H2499 Drought/Water Management Recommendations passed, greatly strengthened by the Senate (in comparison to the amended bill sent to the Senate by the House).
  • A coastal stormwater bill also passed. Though NC Sierra Club didn't have heavy involvement in this bill, our friends around the Capital seem satisfied with the results.
  • NC Sierra Club has long been involved in the formation of electronic recycling in our state, and the legislature sent the Governor a TV Recycling bill that we've been working on for years.

Other Successes

  • Thankfully, S599 didn't come up for a vote but died in committee.
  • After some particularly nasty press, the House wisely slow-tracked a contentious bill that would have allowed industrial hog farms to remain environmentally unsound and smelly ad infinitum.

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