Oil Magnate Sees Value in Wind

Even the oil-inclined are seeing the value in wind energy, with magnate T. Boone Pickens quickly becoming the public face of a new initiative to lower US energy dependence. You can check out his interview with Katie Couric (note: only half is about energy; the other half concerns his political contribution history) or his website PickensPlan.com.

While NC Sierra Club isn't prepared to comment on all of his proposals, there are a few things well worth a nod:

  1. He's in it to make a profit. What's more, his venture will supply 4,000 kw from a corridor capable of producing 400,000 kw. What to take from this: even captains of industry can see a new market (untapped) that is capable of supplying 20% of the nation's energy by 2020.
  2. Wind is clean.

1 comment:

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