Water Footprint

With so many NC counties still designated in extreme drought, and with public water not being a standard topic of conversation, a new view on water use couldn't come at a better time. So take a look at the water footprint of everyday things you didn't even know had a water footprint.

Created by UNESCO, waterfootprint.org details the water that goes into a cup of coffee, a banana, a lb. of maize, a steak, etc. Taking quick showers isn't enough; it saves a few gallons, but not enough considering nearly 1/3 of all tap water used for drinking enters our coffee pots, where it remains, never to leave, never to fulfill its caffeinating duties.

Take a look. If anything, you'll have fun facts to throw around at parties, for instance how much water is wasted when an uneaten banana is discarded.

If you've the time, peruse this report on the water footprint of nations (in relative terms, the US tops consumption; percentage-wise, India heads the list); it also details the impact of various crops on world freshwater supplies.

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  1. I'm trying to get in touch with people at the sierra club of eastern nc, and you seem to be the only active member....

    i wanted to run a question by you. i live in chapel hill, but I rocky mount is my hometown.

    Each Christmas season for the past 4 years I have returned to town and thrown a concert called the Blake Tedder and Friends Charity Crimmus Jam. I'm planning on doing it again this year. We have raised money for my foundation, the blake tedder burn prevention foundation, and for braswell library. in an effort to promote sustainability and green ideas in a town where we seem to be bereft of them, I am looking for a local charity that this year's concert could support. i can't seem to find any environmental, environmental justice, conservation projects, etc we could donate to. it would only be a couple thousand dollars/ do you have any recommendations of these types of foundations, npo's, etc. I would appreciate any input in regards to choosing the charity and community involvement on this, as I am trying to leave this year's event with a small footprint.