Offshore Drilling - some primers

Across the nation, and here in NC, offshore drilling is repeatedly cited (by some) as the be-all-end-all to our economic and energy woes. What is clear, though, is that drilling in NC could potentially devastate our coastal economy.

But no harangues today. Just some reading materials.

This is the 2007 governmental report that details how offshore drilling won’t really do anything.

Drilling advocates claim the report is flawed. Here’s a (flawed) critique of the report published on the Heritage Foundation website:

Here is a link to a NYTimes article explaining the global lack of drilling ships needed for offshore drilling:

Here is a report about the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge’s potential oil production. The report concludes that prices would drop only $1.44/barrel if the refuge hit peak production.

Here’s an unusual fact used by the pro-drilling commentators that I stumbled across (though the health of these fish will be affected by the ‘produced formation water’ and ‘Drilling mud’ of offshore platforms)


  1. Simply using the facts I could find from the MMS, I made a map and a chart showing that only 20% of the oil we think exists offshore is in the moratorium areas. The other 80% is accessible by any companies with a lease...leading me to believe that this argument is simply an election year wedge issue with little basis in fact. Check it out at: http://environmentaldefenseblogs.org/climateatlas/2008/08/12/where-is-our-offshore-oil/

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