Net Metering in NC - "F"

Did you know you can help solve our energy needs and reduce your power bill by selling electricity back to the grid? Well, in some states you can. But not so much in North Carolina, which received a failing grade for policies discouraging individuals and small business participation in solving our energy needs.

That could be about to change. Next week, the NC Utilities Commission will hold public hearings on the state's so-called “net metering policies” - one in Raleigh, one in Charlotte. For more info, click here.

Charlotte meeting October 2 7:00pm
Mecklenburg County Courthouse [google map link]
Courtroom 6350, 832 4th St

Raleigh meeting September 30 7:00pm
Dobbs Building [google map link]
Commission Hearing Room 2115, 430 N. Salisbury St.

Please email Mike Spradlin in the Chapter office if you plan to attend. With our friends over at the NC Sustainable Energy Association, we'll provide you with talking points and background info.

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