Chapter Outings

The Sierra Club and the outdoors have a long history, a history of beards and California mountains. Want to read up on it? Back in 1997, a history professor out in California (Douglas H. Strong) wrote an impressive chronicle that traces the beginnings of our Outings program. (PDF - it's big, so give it time to load).

If you've yet to check out our outings blog, I urge you to take a look. In the meantime, I've cross-posted some of Chris Plummer's (the Chapter's Outing Chair) account of the trip:

On Oct 10-12, 2008 the NC Chapter ran an educational basecamp outing instructing in the art of backcounty navigation. Our focus was learning basic map & compass skills in outdoor classes held over the weekend. We honed our new skills during a day-hike on Saturday and a workshop Sunday morning. Our Saturday hike wound it's way through the Wilson Creek basin, crossing Quebec Branch, and ascending Wilburn Ridge for some focused map and compass work, plotting bearings to the Scales and to 1st Peak. Afterward a large part of the group scaled the highest rock outcropping for a 360 degree view of the area, and stayed up there until completely oriented to the area, or perhaps because the view with clear skies was astounding.

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