As the season changes, so do our cities

Last week, Greensboro’s Citizens Sustainability Committee, chaired by our own Sierra Club member Joel Landau, had a public meeting with great success. Over 140 people showed up to join the “green” conversation. Topics included transportation, energy efficient buildings, solid waste, and the local tree canopy.

Email your local Sierra Club representative to find out if your town has an environmental advisory committee of sorts that reports to the Town Council. If they are a Cool City, starting this type of committee should be a top priority. We know there will be a lot of sustainable changes happening in the next few years and this type of committee can help guide the progress!

Here are a few environmental advisory groups that I already know:
Cary Environmental Advisory Board
Greensboro Citizens Sustainability Committee
Greenville Environmental Advisory Board
New Bern Cool Cities Committee
Raleigh Environmental Advisory Board
Winston-Salem is forming one!

(click here for Sierra Club contact)

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