From Swain Cty to the Eno - Sierrans in the News

In her review of the ongoing (but nearly finished) struggle to allocate funds to Swain County in lieu of the North Shore Road, or the 'Road to Nowhere' in politico-speak, Mountain XPress writer Danny Bernstein turned to Ted Snyder, our very own Western North Carolina czar:

Ted Snyder—a retired lawyer, former national Sierra Club president and vocal environmentalist—has been working on this issue for decades and is probably the foremost expert on the North Shore Road’s history and politics. He believes there are other ways for Swain County to get the money besides pursuing four-party negotiations. Congress could appropriate the money directly, or the Department of the Interior could either ask for an appropriation or find the funds within its 2009 budget, Snyder argues.

In other news, a Sierra Club hike at the Eno River made the Durham Herald Sun. Possible development on a 60-acre parcel adjoining Eno River State Park will in all likelihood create substantial runoff problems for the park. Hike leaders hoped to educate potential allies about the issue, its major players, and alternatives to rezoning the area for development. The hike came two days after Durham's city council discussed handing off the issue to the NC Dept of Parks and Rec.

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