Hiking with Kids

Josh Thomas, our one and own Central Piedmont Group Chair, has a new post over at Ecochildsplay.com. So go over there and check out his seven tips; for now, here's a small preview:

1. Give kids real responsibility

Captain (hiking leader), Cook (snacks holder), Chief Navigator (map
holder/user), Lead Photographer, etc. These all work. Just be sure you have a
role for each child.

2. Switch roles frequently

If you have 4 kids or fewer on the trip, switch often enough (roughly every 7-8
minutes for four kids) so that all can be Captain at least once per half

3. Think Journey, Journey, Journey

Every time you announce a role change, remind yourself that this is
about the journey, not the destination, and that the kids are
dictating the pace (30 photos of tree sap? Of course that’s a good idea!)


  1. My daughter really enjoys taking photos when we are out and about. She also like that we are able to shop for her own gear.
    She like this site. She just wants to buy everything....keep the credit card away...haha


  2. When I was younger I remember being in boy scouts and when we would go hiking they would assign us each a role, which was great, it makes you feel a part of the team, and that you have something to contribute. Also, we would be in charge of packign our own packs, to learn that if we missed our gaiters, we would be having soaked boots, or if we forgot our sleeping bag, then we would have to make one. Then I thought it was extreme, but now looking back I realize it taught us responsibility.