Citizens making plans to go even greener

It’s been a busy week, and I’m proud to report that our Groups are doing a lot of Cool Cities work.

On Monday I traveled to Greensboro to meet their Community Sustainability Council—started by our very own Joel Landau. The CSC just created several sub-committees, including one focused on green jobs and another one focused on energy. Keep posted to see what exciting actions they take in the next few months!

On Tuesday I ventured over to the Royal Bean Coffee House to discuss Wake County Cool County progress and also to discuss Earth Day happenings. We decided to start meeting with all the County Commissioners to discuss making sustainability a priority. If you want to get involved in these meetings, just email Marvin Woll. The Capitol Group is great and you can meet them during the upcoming Earth Day Events—April 18 downtown Raleigh and April 22 on NC campus.

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