The future of transportation: lots of riders

NC Policy Watch had a good article about the state's incoming transportation needs. We remain one of the fastest growing states in the nation, and Raleigh has usurped Austin, TX, as the location with the most transplants coming in (the city was also named America's best city for business and careers). It follows that the Triangle, the Triad, and other large urban areas should take a hard look at the success Charlotte has had with its LYNX light rail system.

From the Policy Watch article:

...We need only look at the spectacular early success of Charlotte's Lynx Blue Line to see how light rail in North Carolina can take off fast, greatly exceed ridership estimates, and boost local economies by facilitating transit-oriented development. Our state legislature is now considering authority for other metro counties to finance their own rail systems. From Asheville to Wilmington-and in towns and cities across the state-we see a growing boom in greenways for biking and pedestrian connections.

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