NC Chapter has a new Chair: Ginny Kloepfer

1. When did you become part of the Sierra Club and what roles have you played in the organization since you joined?

I joined the Sierra Club in 1990 and was drawn to the outings program. I first became involved by signing up for a number of National outings and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting like-minded people from all over the country.

When my husband and I moved to Greenville in 1998, we immediately became involved with our local group. I was the Outings Chair for the Cypress Group for four years and also attended a couple of Sierra Fests before I volunteered to organize a Sierra Fest in 2004. I subsequently took on the job of Chapter Treasurer, became a member of the Chapter Steering Committee and the Chapter Fundraising Committee. A big reason why I became a member of the Sierra Club is because the possibilities for involvement are endless.

2. What are your goals for the NC Sierra Club in 2010? What are your personal goals as Chapter Chair?

This year I take on the daunting task of becoming Chapter Chair. One goal that I have is to strengthen our groups by helping them develop better core leadership and to get volunteers excited about the Sierra Club. I would also like to bring some National programs to North Carolina so that our state becomes a leader in the Southeast for clean energy. The stage has been set. The efforts of Sierra Club volunteers have convinced many of our elected officials to declare their city as a "Cool City." Now we need to take the next step and bring energy efficiencies, conservation and renewables to the local level.

I am very proud of our Chapter staff and feel that they are well respected in the environmental and legislative communities. As a personal goal, I would like to strengthen volunteer support for our staff so they have the resources they need to continue to do their jobs well.

3. Where is your favorite place to hike in North Carolina?

Basically I love to hike anywhere from the coast to the mountains. But if I had my preference, I would spend many days hiking the wonderful national forests and state parks in the western part of the state. To me huffing up a steep mountain trail is much more invigorating than strolling along a beach. We have a beautiful state, I enjoy spending time exploring the natural areas of the state and I want to keep North Carolina beautiful for future generations.

New Chapter Chair: Ginny Kloepfer
Sierra Club Group: Cypress (Greenville and surrounding counties)

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