Interview with Sierra Club Member

Over the next few weeks I will be interviewing our members, to try and encourage others to join a local chapter. If you have any questions that you would like to ask please send me an email at north.carolina.chapter@gmail.com If your interested in joining a group, you can find a local chapter near you at this site. http://nc.sierraclub.org/outings.html

Below is an interview with the current chair of the Cypress Group in eastern North Carolina.

When did you join the Sierra Club, what sparked your interest in the group?

I was attracted to the Cypress Group in 2004 through its educational programs and outings. I had just purchased a kayak, when I was encouraged to come to a program on paddling in Eastern North Carolina. I soon became outings chair and subsequently news editor and group chair.

What was your biggest achievement as a member?

My main achievement was to recruit a number of new officers and to encourage the members who were already in place. I see myself to have helped recognize and support good initiatives developed by talented members, rather than to have set and followed my own agenda. My principal failure was my inability to find a news editor, but I as able to find competent people to help me in that role. They helped me become a better writer.

If you could spend a weekend in the wilderness of NC, where would you go?

Paddling in Eastern North Carolina has always been my favorite outdoor activity and I benefited tremendously from trips led by Buster Thompson (Swamp Fox), Vince Bellis, John Hinners, Jeff Monico, Bill & Ginny Kloepfer and many others. For favorite spots, I'd choose Merchants Millpond State Park with its abundant wildlife, and Hammocks Beach State Park with the great paddle out to Bear Island.

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