Interview with a Sierra Club Member

Christa Wagner is our Political Steering Committee Chair and a grad student at UNC's School of City and Regional Planning. This interview is part of an ongoing series to motivate individuals to join the Sierra Club. If your interested please visit our website and find your local group.

When did you join the Sierra Club, what sparked your interest in the group?
I joined the Sierra Club in 2003 in Birmingham, Alabama where I had my first job. The next year, I moved back to Charlotte NC, my hometown, and was happily hired as a Conservation Organizer for the Club. I later moved to Durham to represent the NC Chapter in the state legislature.

What was your biggest achievement as a member?
One of the big successes we enjoyed in Charlotte was working with the city and county to add fuel efficient cars to their fleets. In Raleigh, our dedicated volunteers have helped convince the General Assembly to pass environmental legislation ranging from increasing clean energy production in the state, to funding transit in our cities and suburbs. We're making so much progress.

What goals have you set to for 2010?
As the new Chair of the Chapter Political Committee, I'm excited to work with the steering committee and local group leaders to increase the number of volunteers we have participating in the Sierra Club's endorsement process and then working to get our endorsed candidates elected!

If you could spend a weekend in the wilderness of NC, where would you go?
After my wedding this fall, my fiance and I plan to spend some time in beautiful Madison County.

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