Upcoming Sierra Club Events!

So the Sierra Club is hosting some great activities this weekend. I want to take a moment and mention them, and hopefully encourage you all to come out and participate.

On Saturday the 20th, Bill Bracey and a number of devoted Sierra Club members and neighborhood groups are going to work on the Bolin Creek Habitat Restoration Project off Hillsborough St. in Chapel Hill. Since the fall, this group has been working to remove invasive shrubs like Chinese Privet, Bittersweet, and Wisteria from the trail. Its a long term plan that will hopefully reintroduce a number of native species to the habitat. If your up for some rewarding hard work you should come lend a hand. For more information call Bill Bracey at 919-942-9934 or by email at arbornet@mindspring.com

The next event is taking place on Sunday the 21st, it's a hike on the Falls Lake Trail in Raleigh. The group will meet at 1:00 at the Falls Lake Dam trail race area, where Falls of the Neuse Road crosses the Neuse River. The plan is to hike on part of the Mountains to Sea Trail for three miles to Raven Ridge Road and then turn back. They estimate the six mile trip will take about three hours. Expect great views of the lake! For more info, contact Jim Avery at 919-219-4165 or javery3@nc.rr.com

I plan on laboring away Saturday at the Bolin Creek Project ( Ha! now I have to go), so if you want to meet me or you just want to improve the Greenway come on out!

Also to see a complete calender of our events visit this site.

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