EPA Blocks Largest MTR Permit in WV History!

Earlier today, EPA announced it would block the Clean Water Act permit for Arch Coal's Spruce No. 1 Mine. The proposed mine would have been the largest mountaintop removal operation in the history of West Virginia. As proposed, EPA reports that the mine would bury 7 miles of headwater streams and directly impact over 2,278 acres of forestland.

North Carolina is intricately connected to the practice of mountain top removal. Over 61 percent of our electricity is generated by coal-fired plants and more than half of that coal is acquired through mountain top removal. Since its inception, MTR has destroyed 470 mountains and countless acres of land. The final veto on this permit will be issued after a 60 day period of public comment. Regardless, today's decision is a major victory for the environmental community and those who have long suffered the negative impacts of this process.

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