NC's Connection to Mountain Top Removal

Coal mining has played an important role in shaping the economy, environment and heritage of Appalachia. Unfortunately coal has also resulted in significant health risks for communities and ecosystems in the region. Most recently we've witnessed the destructive practice of mountain top removal. This process destroys surrounding environments and communities in an effort to easily and cheaply excavate coal seams. As of 2009, 470 mountain peaks have been leveled by the practice and over 1,200 miles of pure mountain streams have been buried or polluted. The method of extraction is simply unacceptable.

In North Carolina, 61 percent of our electricity is produced by coal-fired plants and a over 50 percent of our coal is extracted from mountain top removal operations. Basically we are supporting a practice that has devastating social and environmental consequences for Appalachia. Below you will find a tool that reveals your connection to mountain top removal mining.

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