Art the Sierra Club way.

I've been following one of our new blogs titled Sierra Club Trails. Every week or so Suzanne Fierston posts a blog about nature art. Suzanne is an active member of the Club, she herself is an artist, but she also teaches art to children. These two pictures represent the simplicity, but also the beauty of her work with children.

The first was done with charcoal and leaves. The kids covered the leaves in charcoal, placed the leaves in their sketchbooks and then pressed them(the kids stomped on them.)The second used photo paper,sticks/flowers and sunlight. You let the objects sit on top of the photo paper and let it bask in the sun for a few minutes. After a quick rinse under water, the image will appear minutes later.

If you add in a nice summer wine and some good snacks, you could have yourself a splendid day in the park and have something to show for it too!

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